About the Corvid

Clan Corvid is one of many clans within the renaissance faire guild known as the Fraternal Order of Vikings, Barbarians and Berserkers or simply “FoVBB”.  While more information can be had there about the guild in general, Clan Corvid in particular focuses on being the story tellers, skalds and more for the members of the FoVBB.

Have questions about the Corvid? Right here is the place to ask.


What’s this about secrets? Do you have any about me? Like in real life?
Clan Corvid is an “in-character” clan and as such, we tell stories and hoard secrets on an “in-character” level. Don’t be too surprised if something out-of-character makes its way in-character if it makes for a good story. For example, there’s a personal friend of mine that frequently hosts parties and sometimes I swear it’s for no other reason than her full contact beer pong games. At one such party, someone got injured by a certain someone because the ping-pong ball went off the table and a certain someone full on pummeled the other person into the house. Sorry, that makes for a good story and if that woosie of a man ever joins the FOVBB, I’m telling that story of how I… er, someone tackled him… er, them.
But no, no one cares (including us) that you secretly have an autographed picture of Taylor Swift behind your NFL football collection. But if you are someone who does something stupid perpetually or is known for your bravery (such as being a police officer or firefighter) we’ll take note of that, too. And that’s where kennings come in.
Love us or hate us, we’re truthful. But we know where the line is.
How is Clan Corvid structured?
Firstly, there are two types of Corvid: the Winged, or initiated, and the Amicus, or uninitiated.
The Corvus Socius (“Fellow”), “The Winged”
These are full-fledged members of Clan Corvid, having paid through the guild system and hold title as given to them by the local leader of their sept, i.e. have introduced themselves to the local Corvid.
  • May take part in all forum discussions
  • May attend all public and private functions
  • Have a vote at the annual Concilium
  • Wear black cloaks when attending official functions
The Corvus Amicus
Those who have registered here on the website and requested membership to Clan Corvid but are not yet paid through the Guild system, i.e. not received their pins, are known as the Corvus Amicus, or “Friends of the Ravens”, or simply “Amicus”.
As of this writing, the pins are not yet distributed.
  • May take part in all forum discussions
  • May attend public functions
  • May participate in Marauds but may not enter Maraud games.
  • Do not have a vote at the annual Concilium
  • Wear gray cloaks or none at all when attending official functions*

*Ravens do not recognize their young until their feathers have turned black.

Official Titles
The Horde has a listing of titles used to universally distinguish their hierarchy in the horde as well as in each clan. Clan Corvid uses different titles but they are direct parallels to those used elsewhere.
  • Khan – Leader of the Horde. This title does not change.
  • Jarl – Leader of the local throng, i.e. all Horde within a given faire site.
Within the Clan are our titles. In the future, there may be pendants, brooches or other trappings to denote one’s rank/position within the Clan.Titles

  • Corvus Primorus – Chieftain of Clan Corvid
  • Corvus Abbas – Chieftain’s advisor and Speaker of the Concilium
  • Corvus Princeps – The head of a local sept, aka “hetman”
  • Corvus Monachus – The advisor to the local Princeps, aka “shaman”
As the Clan grows, we may find ourselves fulfilling certain duties on an official level. Don’t be mistaken, though, Clan Corvid is not as bureaucratic as this entire post seems. A position’s title may denote a teacher or an expert in some area of knowledge, a secretary to a particularly large sept, etc. No need to create these now until they are needed.
What is the Corvid culture?
What binds us is our quest for knowledge and the depths to which we would go to acquire it. To that end, the Corvid come from a myriad of backgrounds and bring their culture with them. The culture of the skald and kennings, however, is distinctly ancient Scandinavian, i.e. Viking.
Some of us may have specific mannerisms that might take some getting used to, don’t be afraid to deal with we Corvid. We just see and have seen things that open one’s eyes.
How do the Corvid dress?
We are the Crone, the Cloaked Wanderer, the Raven whose black we don as our own. Though our members are free to dress however they wish, most of our members may find comfort in the loose-fitting robes of the scholar, the flowing dalliance of mystics or the tunics of our homeland wherever that may be. One thing seems to be common amongst all Corvid, though: our love for the color of the night when most mysteries and gods present themselves: black.

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